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2016 Presidential Candidates - Who is for Online Brick and Mortars?

Alex Esguerra

As 2015 comes to an end and 2016 approaches with the politics of air on the upcoming presidential elections, my question is who will likely focus on independent small brick and mortar online retailers who today predominates the internet sales frontier.
In 2008, when Barack Obama became president the the recession started paving the way for the Federal Reserve to boost the US economy by lowering the interest rates to the lowest it can be in decades, 2016 is a total opposite. The FED just increase interest rates with gains for savers yet hurting borrowers in the initial part of 2016. 
Unemployment is in the lowest since and with this Christmas spending showing consumer power to spend, online retail is no longer dominated by the big internet big box chains. A big chunk now goes to the brick and mortars a new sign that the internet has been somehow liberated and is now more intelligent than ever. Social media and word of mouth are the main marketing channels of these internet online brick and mortar stores adding personal customer service, reviews and order fill ratios.
So the challenge to the presidential notables will be are they going to focus on the mainstream economy pitches or are they going to decipher the smaller chunks towards invigorating the US economy.

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