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About Alex Esguerra's Store

Right after 1997's APEC's Ministerial meetings in Ottawa, Canada where Former APEC Young Entrepreneur/Youth Representative, ALEX ESGUERRA co-founded the APYEA (Apec Young Entrepreneurs' Assn.) ADLE International was also founded in October 1998.

Alex Esguerra DBA ADLE International's vision was to offer affordable high quality products using it's online storefronts to limited income earners. It's mission is mentoring the youth in becoming the future business of tomorrwo.:

  • Who you are - Alex Esguerra brand online stores
  • Why we sell the items we sell - Affordability and Young Entrepreneur ideals
  • Where are we located - 818 SW 3rd Ave. Ste. 284, Portland, OR 97204
  • How long ┬áhave we been in business - since October 1998
  • How long have we been running online shops - since 2001
  • Who are the people on your team - Our Geek Webpreneurs
  • Contact information - info@alexesguerra.co
  • Social links (Twitter -@alexesguerra, Facebook-Alex Esguerra)